EmSAT Physics Practice Test 2022 with Answer Explanation

The questions represented here in the practice test is based on the topics listed by EmSAT Achieve Physics test specifications 2022. 

1. What is the current flowing through resistor R1 in the circuit below?

What is the current flowing through resistor R1 in the circuit below
2. A car is traveling on a straight highway with a speed of 40 m/s. The driver steps on the gas pedal and, 5 seconds later, the car’s speed is 60 m/s. Find average acceleration of the car.
3. A box of mass 25 kg is sliding across a wooden floor. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor is 0.2. If the box is being pulled by a force of 100 N (parallel to the floor), what is the acceleration of the box? (Acceleration due to gravity, g = 10 m/s2)
4. An object of mass 5 kg is pushed off the edge of a rooftop that is 4m above the floor. Find the speed of the object as it strikes the floor. (Acceleration due to gravity, g = 9.8m/s2)
5. Two balls rolls toward each other, collide, and separate. If there was no net external force acting on the balls, but some kinetic energy was lost, then


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